Info for Units & Unit Leaders

Welcome Unit Leaders
Unit Leaders – THANK YOU for all you do for Scouting and your Scouts!
Below is information about the Order of the Arrow and your unit.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

OA Events
Please help promote our OA Lodge events this year to your unit members:
Family Banquet
– Held the 1st Saturday in January each year
– Annual OA awards dinner for OA members and their family

– For more info:

– Held the 1st Saturday in April each year (depending on Easter)
– Scout patch collecting and memorabilia show
– For more info:

Spring Fellowship Weekend
– Held the weekend after Memorial Day each year at Camp Minsi
– Lodge Fellowship Weekend for all current OA members
– Induction weekend for newly elected OA Induction Candidates
– For more info:

Fall Fellowship Weekend
– Held the weekend after Labor Day each year at Camp Minsi
– Lodge Fellowship Weekend for all current OA members
– Induction weekend for newly elected OA Induction Candidates
– For more info:

OctoberFest Weekend
– Held the 1st weekend in October each year at Camp Minsi
– FUN weekend at camp for all OA members
– Welcome weekend for new Ordeal members who were inducted this year
– For more info:

OA Chapters (to support each Council District)
The OA Lodge has 5 OA Chapters which are each associated with the 5 Council Districts:
– Ahtuwi-Kana Chapter (Monroe District)
– Hakahteyo Osakame Chapter (Carbon-Luzerne District)
– Lechauweki Chapter (Lehigh District)
– Nimat Gamink Chapter (Warren District)
– Takhone Chapter (Northampton District)
To contact your local OA Chapter’s leadership for your District:

OA Lodge Dues
Please remind the Scouts in your Unit to pay their yearly OA Dues
– For more info and to share this site with your Scouts:

OA Lodge Below Zero Award
Any troop, patrol, crew, pack, den, or unit may earn the OA Below Zero Award during a camping trip when the temperature at night dropped below 0 degrees Celsius (32° F).
For their Scouts’ outstanding courage to brave the cold outdoors, the unit will receive:
– Below Zero Award special patches for each scout
– Order of the Arrow Below Zero Award Ribbon for unit flag
To place an order, please visit:

How can Units Get Involved with the Order of the Arrow and Support Your Lodge
– Add OA events and meetings to your unit’s calendar:
– Ensure your Scouts register early for OA Lodge Weekends
– Coordinate transportation to/from events, weekends, and meetings
– Have unit OA adults attend events with your Scouts
– We can always use help from OA adult members with service projects and special skills
– Purchase cool OA merchandise, patches, apparel at our events or the Council Office from our OA W-Mart (Lodge Store): 

OA Unit Elections
– Unit elections are an opportunity for your local OA Chapter to visit your unit and hold an election for scouts into the Order of the Arrow.
– The unit elections time period is January 1st to March 31st each year.  All unit elections must be completed by March 31st.
– Unit Leaders will receive an email from the OA’s unit elections portal with a link to schedule your unit elections visit.
– The email will come from “Witauchsoman Lodge, BSA”
– Here are some additional resources for Unit Leaders about OA Unit Elections, please carefully review each document:

Unit Elections Materials for Unit Leaders
– If you have any questions, please contact your local OA Chapter Adviser for your District via:

OA Adult Nominations
– OA Adult Nominations are submitted through the OA’s new unit elections portal.
– Once your election is approved in our system by the Lodge, the Unit Leader and Committee Chairman will be sent an “OA Unit Election Recap” email. Within that email, please click the link “Nominate An Adult”
– DEADLINE to submit OA Adult Nominations is April 15th

Newly Elected OA Induction Candidates
– Scouts elected this year should complete their OA Induction at either the Spring or Fall OA Weekend of this year
– Please ensure all of your Scouts register for a Lodge Weekend as soon as possible
– Scouts do not need to go through an OA Callout before completing their Induction weekend
– Scouts receive automatic Emails from our OA Inductions Portal with information about completing their OA induction as well as registering for the OA Induction Spring/Fall Weekend
– All Scouts elected last year are able to take their OA Induction at our 2 weekends this year and do not need to be re-elected
– For more info to give to your newly elected Scouts:

OA Callout Public Ceremony
– For family members and units to watch Scouts being called out for selection into the OA at our “public” ceremony
– Scouts do NOT need to attend the callout ceremony in order to complete their Induction at one of our Weekends

– Unit Leaders, please coordinate with Summer Camp leadership for more details on the OA Callout your unit wants to participate in.  Callouts are done during Summer Camp at Camp Minsi or at Beaver Weekend:
For info and date on Camp Minsi’s Beaver weekend, visit:

OA Callout Letter Request  (if going out-of-council for Summer Camp)
– Units that are not attending Camp Minsi or Settlers Camp this summer may request a Callout letter to take with them to an out-of-council camp.  This letter lists the Scouts elected this year and grants another lodge/camp to callout those scouts.
Please submit at least 1 week before you leave for summer camp.
– To request a letter from the Lodge Adviser:
OA Callout Letter Request Form

OA Unit Representative Program

Printable version of form: OA_Troop_Representative

The Order of the Arrow Troop Representative is a youth serving his troop as the primary liaison to the troop’s lodge or chapter. He meets the unit’s needs by providing a communication and programmatic link to and from all Arrowmen, Scouts who are not presently members of the Order, and adult leaders. These efforts are meant to assist the unit and its members in achieving the mission of the Boy Scouts of America, and at the same time fulfilling the lodge’s role in the Strategic Plan of the Order of the Arrow of being an integral part of the council. By setting a good example, he will enhance the image of the Order as a service arm to his unit.

OA Troop Representative Duties:

  • Attends troop and chapter or lodge meetings regularly as a youth representative of the troop and Order.
  • Serves as a two-way communication link between the troop and the lodge or chapter.
  • Arranges with the lodge or chapter election team to conduct an annual Order of the Arrow election for the troop at a time approved by the Patrol Leaders Council.
  • Arranges with the lodge or chapter for at least one camp promotion visit to the unit annually.
  • Makes at least one high adventure presentation to the troop, to include the OA programs, annually.
  • As requested by the SPL, participates in Troop Courts of Honor by recognizing: high adventure participation of troop members, induction of new OA members, changes in OA honors of troop members, leadership of troop members, and other appropriate activities.
  • Coordinates the Ordeal Induction process for newly elected candidates by: ensuring they know the time and location of the Ordeal, providing information of what to bring to the Ordeal, assisting (as needed) in arranging transportation to the Ordeal, and offering assistance (as needed) to the lodge in the Ordeal process.
  • Assists current Ordeal members in the troop in sealing their membership by becoming Brotherhood members by: ensuring they know the time and location of Brotherhood opportunities, assisting (as needed) in arranging transportation to the Brotherhood opportunities, and offering assistance to the lodge (as needed) in the Brotherhood process. He may also, at the discretion of the PLC, offer periodic training and discussions of OA principles, symbolism, and the Legend as needed by and appropriate for the troop members of the Order.
  • Leads at least one troop service project for the community or charter partner during the year. May also serve, at the discretion of the PLC, as the troop’s service chairman.
  • Assists the troop (as appropriate) as a trainer of leadership and outdoor skills.
  • In all cases, advocates environmental stewardship and Leave No Trace camping.
  • Sets a good example by: wearing the Scout uniform correctly, showing Scout spirit, and living by the Scout Oath, the Scout law and the OA Obligation.


  • Under 18 years old
  • Appointed by SPL with SM approval
  • OA Member in good standing

Reports To:

  • Senior Patrol Leader
  • May be included as a member of the PLC at the discretion of the troop leadership.
  • OA Troop Advisor


  • Serves for a 12 month period
  • Appointed 60 days before the unit election to facilitate election procedures and fulfill follow-up duties
  • May continue to coordinate with Ordeal candidates elected during his term as they progress to Brotherhood membership even after his term has expired.

Flow of Information

The following is a list of information that needs to flow between the OA Troop Representative and the Lodge or Chapter:

Lodge/Chapter to Unit:

  • Lodge/Chapter Calendars
  • Unit Elections visit
  • Camp Promotions visit
  • Community service project opportunities
  • Invitations to Ordeal members to obtain Brotherhood membership
  • Invitations to candidates to attend their Ordeal
  • Resource lists
  • OA Representative Registration Forms
  • Encourages OA members to be active in their Lodge and Chapter

Unit to Lodge/Chapter:

  • Does the unit conduct monthly campouts?
  • Does the unit attend a long-term camp?
  • Do the unit’s older scouts participate in high adventure programs?
  • Does the unit need assistance with its outdoor program?
  • Does the unit need assistance with community service projects?
  • Does the unit need assistance with training?
  • Do the unit’s OA members participate in Lodge and Chapter functions?
  • Name of the new OA Troop Representative
  • Reaction of the Troop members to the Lodge and Chapter program

OA Troop Adviser

Printable version of form:  OA_Troop_Adviser

In order to strengthen service to our Troops and promote involvement with the Order of the Arrow, a new Troop leadership position has been created. This adult position will serve as an adviser to the Troop’s OA youth Representative and together serve as a link between the Troop and OA Chapter/Lodge. The position is open to any Assistant Scoutmaster who is a current member of the OA Lodge and is appointed by the Scoutmaster/Committee Chair in consulting with their District’s OA Chapter Adviser.


The OA Troop Adviser’s main function is to promote and support the Order or the Arrow by maintaining communication with the Chapter, advising OA Troop members, and providing a positive image of the Order of the Arrow in the Troop.
The OA Chapter will present the leader with the above emblem to wear in recognition of their position and commitment to the Order of the Arrow. The Chapter will maintain a record of all OA Troop Advisers and utilize them as a primary contact with the Troop (in addition to Scoutmaster)

Duties of the OA Troop Adviser:

  •  Advise, train, and support the OA Troop Representative (youth position)
  •  Attend OA Chapter meetings and Lodge events along with OA Troop Representative
  •  Promote Chapter meetings and encourage OA members to be active in the Chapter
  •  Promote Lodge events and encourage OA members to be active in the Lodge
  •  Ensure Chapter/Lodge meetings and events are on the Troop’s calendar
  •  Encourage OA members to be active and join a Chapter/Lodge committee
  • Forward OA information, e-news, and event information to all OA members in Troop
  •  Ensure all Troop Ordeal members “seal the bond” and become a Brotherhood member
  • Ensure Troop OA members are current, dues paid member of the OA Lodge
  •  Maintain a record of Troop OA members including:
  • Current contact information
  •  OA positions held
  •  Current dues
  • Contact with changes and to obtain current records
  •  Work with Chapter leadership to ensure timely scheduling of Troop’s OA annual election, notify Troop members of election date, and bring a copy of the Troop’s charter list
  • Ensure newly elected Ordeal Candidates receive info sheet and attend their Ordeal