Newly Elected OA Induction Candidate


on being elected into the
Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s National Honor Society

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming Induction Fellowship Weekends to complete your OA Induction and become a member.

OA Member Portal
As soon as possible and with your parents, log into the OA Member Portal to update your contact information and complete all the steps of your pre-Induction Journey before the OA Weekend:
OA Member Portal site
OA Member Portal sign-up instructionsOA Member Portal Instructions
NOTE – We highly recommend using the Scout’s email address as the login, NOT A PARENT’S EMAIL

Dates-Times-Location for Weekends (must attend 1 of these 2 options)
Spring Fellowship Weekend:  5/31/2024 – 6/2/2024 (Friday to Sunday)
Fall Fellowship Weekend:      9/6/2024 – 9/8/2024 (Friday to Sunday)
Start Time:  Friday – 6:00pm  (We highly recommend you arrive at camp before 7:00pm)
End Time:   Sunday – 11:00am
Location:    Camp Minsi (106 Camp Minsi Road, Pocono Summit, PA 18346)

Register & Pay Online for Weekend
– You will not be able to just show up at the weekend without pre-registering by the deadline

Spring Fellowship Weekend Registration deadline: Friday, May 24, 2024
Fall Fellowship Weekend Registration deadline:  Friday, August 30, 2024
To Register (click here):    Spring Weekend Registration 

Callout Public Ceremony
– For family members to watch Scouts being called out for selection into the OA at our “public” ceremony
– Scouts do NOT need to attend the callout ceremony in order to complete their Induction at one of our Weekends

– Talk to your Unit Leaders for more details on which OA Callout your unit is participating in at Camp Minsi:
—– May 18th (Saturday evening) at Council Beaver Weekend at Camp Minsi
—– During Summer Camp at Camp Minsi

Pre-Weekend Info Webinar / Q&A for All Parents and Scouts
Thursday, May 23rd at 8:00pm (if attending Spring Weekend, or if you don’t know yet)
Thursday, Aug 29th at 8:00pm (if attending Fall Weekend)
– Make sure to attend the induction weekend information webinar / Q&A for parents and scouts
– Zoom link is in the OA Member Portal, on the Ordeal Journey tab and under “Attend Pre-Weekend Info Webinar/Q&A with Parents”
– To receive the Zoom link via email, please ensure that your “Home”(Scout’s) and “Parent” email addresses are correct in the OA Member Portal:  (click “Update Your Profile” after you log in)

Check-In Arrival & Departure at the Weekend
Friday – Check-in
– Check-In 6:00-8:00pm  (Any Induction Candidate needing to arrive late, slightly after 8:00pm, must email us for prior-approval and special instructions.  Please note that if you cannot arrive by 8:30pm you may have to attend our next Weekend instead)
– We highly recommend you arrive at camp before 7:00pm

– There is a “welcome tent” as you enter camp and they will show you to the parking lot and where to go to check in.

Sunday – Pick-up
PARENTS – Please join us at 10:15am for our parents only info session and Q&A about the Order of the Arrow and upcoming events
– Meet with the OA Chapter Advisers at the Ad Pad (right near the parking lot)
– Weekend ends at 11:00am.  This is at the conclusion of our Lodge meeting and weekend closing


Friday Night Weekend Check-In Instructions
Download printable version of the steps for Friday Check-In for:
PARENTS:  Friday Check-In Sheet

Weekend Schedule
Download printable version of the full weekend schedule:
Spring Fellowship Weekend Induction Candidates Schedule
– Induction Candidates are not allowed to leave camp until Sunday
– We offer both a Catholic Mass and Interfaith Services Saturday Night

Camp Map
Camp Minsi Map

What to Bring / Packing List

  • Current BSA Health and Medical form (Parts A & B) (bring a copy, NOT original, to the event to turn in at Check-In):
    BSA Health and Medical Form Parts A & B
  • Face bandana/covering/mask (for wearing during service projects that may be dusty)
  • Medication (please notify us at Check-In of any medication)
  • Class “A” shirt and uniform (for Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday only)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Ground cloth/tarp (used with your sleeping bag, this is different than the one for under your tent)
  • Personal tent
  • Rain gear or poncho
  • Work clothes & work gloves
  • Flash light or head lamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Water bottle
  • Money for OA Trading Post store to buy merchandise, patches, and drinks/snacks
  • Other normal personal gear and toiletries (general personal stuff that you would normally take weekend camping)
  • Do NOT bring any cooking gear (you will be eating in the Dining Hall)
  • All 18+ years old MUST have current Youth Protection Training

Cost for Weekend:  $65*
Price Includes:  Food (Saturday Breakfast to Sunday Breakfast) ($30+), OA Ordeal Sash ($20), OA Handbook ($5), Lodge Flap ($5), 2024 OA Lodge Dues, welcome packet, and supplies ($15)
*Cost amount does not include any additional credit card, service, or processing fees

YOUTH New Arrowmen Induction Weekend Scholarship Application
– Youth Induction Candidates (under the age of 21) are eligible to apply for our Induction Candidates Scholarship, which will cover the cost of your OA Sash (making the cost for the weekend $45 instead of $65)
– Only those Scouts in financial need should apply
– This scholarship fund is made possible by donations from current OA Lodge members, limited scholarships will be awarded each year based on available funds.
– Deadline to submit applications for the Spring Fellowship Weekend is Friday, May 17, 2024
Deadline to submit applications for the Fall Fellowship Weekend is Friday, August 23, 2024
– To submit an application to be considered, visit:
Youth New Arrowmen Induction Candidates Scholarship Form

Contact Us if you have questions
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    Map / Directions to Camp

    Camp Minsi  (106 Camp Minsi Road, Pocono Summit, PA 18346)